European Railways Book Series

This concept for a series of books is built on a complex grid system whereby the type size determines the grid and even the size and placement of all other elements on the page. One line of title text is equal to two lines of body-copy and two lines of body-copy equals three lines of caption text. As a result all text blocks and all images neatly fit to the baseline grid and the design process becomes much easier and quicker as you follow simple rules to place elements throughout the book. It's complicated simplicity.

The design itself looks very clean and simple not to mention effective. However the unseen work of choosing the correct type sizes, the leading (that's the gaps between the lines of text) and also choosing imagery that matches the tone of the layout is where the hard work resides. Once all these elements come together the design almost becomes secondary and the content jumps off the page.

European Railways Book Series Covers
European Railways Book Series internal pages
European Railways Book Series internal pages
European Railways Book Series internal pages
European Railways Book Grid Example

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